8 Ways to Overcome Dry Lips Broken

How to Overcome Dry Lips Broken - The weather is as hot as now, coupled with less drink as well as consumption of foods that are hot and spicy oily also affect the condition of the body. So one of the risks of the lips become dry and cracked. Therefore, for those of you who are looking for a solution can be directly refer to the following simple information.

8 Ways to Overcome Dry Lips Broken

8 Ways to Overcome Dry Lips Broken

Lips are one part of the face that is often a spotlight. Having a healthy and beautiful lips can add confidence, especially when socializing. Because the lips are dry and cracked is very torture as well as disturbing.

Okay for more details how to deal with these complaints, just listened to!

1. Enough Nutrition - lack of nutrients is one of the factors causing dry lips and cracked because of the intake of intake of vitamin B, essential fats and iron. How to overcome that is to consume foods or vitamin supplements contained these contents. for more clearly can be consulted first to the doctor.

2. Eliminate Habit (Lick and Bite Lip) - maybe this often you do with a reason to wet the lips with saliva. But apparently this is not true, because saliva / saliva can evaporate faster so that this can make the lips drier. It can even make things worse. Also avoid the habit of biting the lips as this can cause damage to the protective lining of the lips, resulting in dry and chapped lips.

3. Sufficient Needs Liquid - a body that lacks fluid or more often called dehydration. One result of dehydration is the lips become dry and cracked. Well therefore, do not forget to meet the need for fluid per day or equivalent with 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

4. Consumption of Fruits & Vegetables - fruits and vegetables contain many natural vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body as a nutrient. One of them to moisten the lips to avoid drought and cracked. do not forget to always include vegetables and fruit in your daily menu list. In addition, the consumption of green vegetables, grains, tomatoes and carrots serves to restore or restore damaged skin caused by the complaint.

5. Apply Honey - Applying honey on dry lips and cracked is a natural solution that can provide natural moisture. Antibacterial content in honey can also kill germs and bacteria that cause problems on the lips. Not only can solve the problem of the lips, honey can also make reddening the lips naturally. Do not forget to always apply honey 3 times a day.

6. Selektip Selecting Lipsitik - make sure you are careful in choosing lipstick products especially if it has sensitive lips. Because the default selection can cause damage to the lips. Make sure you choose the type of lipstick contained and match your sweet lips.

7. Apply Lip Balm - when the weather is hot like now use lip balm is one alternative to avoid the problem of the lips. not only prevents lip balm is also able to overcome the complaints of broken and dry lips. So do not forget to always apply lipbalm when about to leave the house.

8. Avoid Breathing With Your Mouth - Well, if you have a breathing habits by mouth this bad habit should you should avoid. Because of these habits can cause the lips to become dry cracked even to cause a gap in the lips. Therefore, get used to breathe through the nose because it is better and healthier.

Thus a simple article that discusses how to cope with dry lips and rupturehas beautiful lips, smooth and blush is everybody's wish then it should avoid bad completed above which can lead to problems in the lips. Hopefully the above article can be useful for all readers. Do not forget to help also share more useful for friends all ... !!!!


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