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10 benefits of passion fruit for health

The Benefits of Passion Fruit For Health - Hello, good viewers wherever you are. How are you today? Hopefully always healthy. Do you like to consume fruits? Fruits are very good for us to consume regularly every day. We can benefit directly to health. Not only beneficial for health, consuming fruit is also beneficial for beauty. Fruit is a very nutritious source of nutrients. There are so many vitamins and minerals. Therefore do not hesitate to continue to consume them. Well, this time the admin wants to share with you specifically about the benefits of passion fruit for health. Anything about? Passion fruit belongs to the genus of the Passiflora genus. This plant originated from South America, namely Brazil, which spread to Indonesia. It is better if we discuss first more content of passion nutrition. The Benefits of Passion Fruit For Health The content of Passion Nutrition Each purple passion fruit contains 12 mg of phosphorus, 0.3 mg of iron, 2 mg of calcium, 63 mg of po

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