How To Care For Oily Facial Skin Naturally

Ways to care for oily skin following certainly interesting to peel. The reason oily skin becomes one of the common skin problems experienced by adults either women or men. Oily skin is obviously very disturbing.

Why not. Oily skin makes facial skin look shiny, dull, make cosmetics worn easily, and the severity of oily skin triggers the emergence of blackheads or acne.

Are your facial skins of oily type? To find out if your skin is the type of oily skin or not, it is easy. Oily skin has some very striking special features. Here are some of them:

  • Facial skin looks shiny especially in the area of ​​the forehead, nose, and chin
  • Skin pores tend to be wide
  • The leather lining of the horn is often exfoliated
  • There are blackheads
  • High level of skin elasticity
From the characteristics of oily skin on the note that someone with oily skin type does have the potential to look durable easy because of the elasticity of the skin is quite high compared to other facial skin types.

However, it will only be achieved if oily skin is treated with proper care. Before discussing how to care for oily skin to avoid looking dull and acne is a good idea to find out what causes the face of oily.

The main cause of oily skin is due to sebaceous glands that produce excessive amounts of oil. Facial oil is actually needed in relation to keep skin moist.

However, when the production of excessive face oil causes a person in trouble with oily skin which also has the potential to trigger other skin disorders such as dull skin, blackheads, and acne. The oily skin may further be due to several factors:

  • Genetic: if the parent has an oily face, then the gene may be passed on to the child, so the child also has an oily face.
  • Cosmetics: the use of cosmetic products that do not match can trigger excess oil production, especially the use of oil-based cosmetic products.
  • Drugs: a number of drug products are known to trigger excess oil production.
  • Season change: a change of seasons influences the increase in temperature and humidity that triggers the production of excessive facial oil.
  • Hormonal changes: women often experience hormonal changes eg during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause in which the hormonal changes trigger excess oil production.
  • Stress: the body produces excess oil in response to the stress experienced.

The use of beauty tools: in addition to the use of cosmetic products that do not match, the use of beauty tools such as pillows or brushes that interfere with skin moisture also trigger excess oil production.

Whatever the cause of oily skin, care is necessary for oily skin does not cause dull skin and acne. No need to worry because the following are given some ways of caring for oily skin:

How To Care For Oily Facial Skin Naturally

How To Care For Oily Facial Skin Naturally

Routine Cleaning Face

For those of you who have problems with oily skin, try to regularly clean the face every morning and before bed. Use of alcohol-based cleaners is not recommended. As for the optimal results use cleanser foam that has been affixed with warm water. Wash your face thoroughly while giving a light massage with a clockwise movement around the chin, nose, and forehead. Then finish rinse with cold water. As for to dry the face avoid rubbing with a towel. Just lightly pat your facial skin.

Keep Face Humidity

In an effort to maintain skin moisture, apply a special moisturizing oily skin that is widely available on the market. Balance also by meeting the needs of body fluids for example by drinking water as much as 2 liters per day. Because drink plenty of water is very good to help remove dirt and toxins in the body.

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Set Up a Healthy Diet

Excess oil production in facial skin can be caused due to high fat nutrient intake. Therefore, for how to care for oily skin and then limit the intake of foods containing fat such as fried foods. Prioritize to choose healthy foods such as soup or other soupy vegetables.

Selective Selecting Cosmetics

Having oily facial skin does not mean forbidding you to look beautiful with makeup makeup. Only in this case choose cosmetic products that are free of oil content and do not clog pores. Because if the skin pores clogged quite risky on the appearance of acne.

Treatment with Natural ingredients

How to care for oily skin is no less effective then the treatment with natural ingredients. The use of natural ingredients is highly recommended as it is proven safe and does not provide harmful side effects. Moreover, the way of care is quite easy to do yourself at home. The treatment you can try using the following natural ingredients:

Banana Mask

In addition to good consumption during menstruation, a good banana fruit is also used as a mask. This is because in the banana there is a vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin E are very powerful to minimize premature aging. To make your own banana mask is easy. Prepare a ripe banana to taste then puree until soft. Apply bananas on face and neck evenly. Let the banana mask work for about 15 minutes or until the mask is dry enough. For more optimal results you can add the original honey in the mask mix.

Lemon Mask 

How to care for oily skin with lemon mask is believed to repel excess oil and simultaneously brighten the skin naturally. Lemon mask you can make by squeezing the lemon and add the original honey to taste. Stir well then apply on the skin until the neck evenly. The content of vitamin C in lemon will clean the oil completely. For a more optimal result balance by drinking warm lemon water as an effort to cleanse the skin from the inside.

Papaya Mask

Papaya fruit contains antioxidants that can prevent skin damage and premature aging. In addition, in papaya also contain substances that are useful papain remove dead skin cells, so as to make the skin look brighter naturally.

Not difficult to make this papaya mask. Simply by smoothing the ripe papaya fruit and then apply it evenly on the skin of the face and neck. Let stand until the mask is quite dry then rinse thoroughly.

That's How To Care For Oily Facial Skin Naturally. With proper care oily skin type can actually look younger. Please practice some of the above ways. Be sure to do it regularly so the results can be optimal


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