12 Benefits of Fruit Beets for Health

12 Benefits of Fruit Beets for Health - Are you looking for the benefits of beets for health? This fruit may be well known to the public at large. However, if the benefits, hmm there are so many. This fruit includes the fruit that is wanted for those who know about the usefulness for health.

What are the nutritional content of beets? This fruit contains some very important nutrients, including:

  • "34% Folic Acid, Function: Grow and replace damaged cells.
  • Potassium 14.8%, Function: Streamlining the fluid balance in the body.
  • 13.6% fiber,
  • Vitamin C 10.2%, Function: Grow the tissue and normalize blood vessels.
  • 9.8% Magnesium, Function: Maintains muscle and nerve function.
  • Tryptophan 1.4%,
  • 7.4% Iron, Function: Energy metabolism and immune system.
  • Copper 6.5%, Function: Forming red blood cells.
  • Phosphorus 6.5%, Function: Strengthens bones.
  • Caumarin which serves to prevent tumor.
  • Betasianin as a cancer preventer."

Wow, a lot is not it? This fruit is included in the tubers, so that is used as an herb is the root. You can get the benefits of this fruit by making it as a juice. The nutritional content such as: natural sugar, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, iodine, iron, copper, vitamin B1, B2, C and P.

In addition to juice, you can also make a bit by boiling for a salad, or made pure (mashed) for soup, and others. To note, if the fruits of the skin is recommended to eat, the root beet, the skin should be removed Bit rich in carbohydrates (in the form of sugar with little protein and fat content), which is easy to be energy and iron that helps blood to transport oxygen brain. Bit red, this color is caused by a combination of purplein pigment purple and betasantin yellow pigment.

Although it contains carbohydrates, the calories are low. So do not worry, eating bits will not raise your weight. In consuming beet juice, beet root should be mixed with other fruits or vegetables, because the root of the bits alone can make your ribbon rigid and difficult to talk in a certain time, unless you drink pure juice from the organic beet root that will cure stiffness / ribbon in the ribbon.

 12 Benefits of Fruit Beets for Health


Some people think that beet juice is the best juice for health because it contains bit content balancing the base and acid, so it is very good for the balance of our body.
The Benefits of Bit Fruits For Health

1. As liver medicine, natural cleanser for kidney and gallbladder.

The first benefit of fruits is as a liver remedy, a natural cleanser of the kidneys and gall bladder, but it can also cleanse and neutralize toxins in the body. Fight infection and inflammation and overcome kidney stone problems.

The combination of beetroot juice, carrots and cucumber, is one of the best ways to cleanse the kidneys and gallbladder from the toxins that accumulate in the two filter organs

Beets are also useful for detoxification (removal of toxins) and cleansing of our stomach contents, as well as the problem of hemorrhoids.

With this mixture you can use to make juice for detox:

1 apple, 1 pear, ½ large bits of fruit: put in the juice maker.
Then stir 2 tablespoons of pysllium husks (can buy in health food stores and organic stores)
Immediately drink. Psyllium husk is a fiber that when mixed with water can expand like gelatin. Its function is to bring 'garbage' in the colon to be removed more quickly.

½ bit medium size and 1 small cucumber in insert into tool
Juice maker. Add 1 ½ cup of soda water. Then give the juice of lemon or lime juice.

In addition to making juice from a mixture of bits and other fruit, try boiling the bits of one medium size sliced. Then the water is drunk before bed as much as one glass. Boiling water of this bit will help the movement of muscles perilstatik, so the next day defecate smoothly.

2. Destroying tumor cells and cancer cells

Beet juice is very rich in the oxidant content needed by patients with cancer problems.

Together there is a special juice to treat cancer patients:

Super-Antioxidant Juice.
2 medium chopped carrots, 1/2 bits of medium size chopped, 2 stalks of local celery or 1 stalk of imported celery, 30 grams of spinach and 4 parsley rods. Everything is juiced and drunk immediately

3. Strengthen blood function

4. Strengthen Circulatory System and Immune System

5. Overcoming anemia and producing red blood cells.

The angry bit is associated with the color of human blood, so it is used to overcome the problem of anemia. Actually, the overcoming of anemia is a high enough iron content, which reactivate and regenerate red blood cells and supply oxygen that is useful for the health of red blood cells.

How to make juice for the treatment of anemia:

  • Wash the beetroot
  • Peel the skin
  • Cut and put in a blender or shredded
  • Then squeeze the water (for 1 cup)
  • Pour into a glass and ready to drink

Consuming beet juice, according to researchers, can help you exercise longer without feeling tired. In addition, half a liter of beet juice a day is effective for lowering blood pressure and improving health.
 Just bit, bright researchers, showed astounding results because the benefits exceed routine exercise regularly under the supervision of professional trainers. And although it may not be able to satisfy your appetite, the impact can be felt by everyone.

6. Lower cholesterol levels

7. Giving energy and balancing the body.

Besides drinking beet juice will increase stamina
Drinking beetroot juice can help people exercise 16% longer due to the nitrate content reducing oxygen burning / burning in exercise, so the tiredness caused by exercise decreases (Research in UK: Univ. Of Exeter; BBC News, 6 August, 2009). Therefore drinking juice mixed with beets at night can be used as a love tonic juice, add energy and blood flow.

8. Digestive problems

If you have digestive problems, nausea and pain, diarrhea, dysentery, can drink beet juice mixed with carrot with a tablespoon of lemon juice or lime. Drinking beet juice mixed with a tablespoon of honey in the morning before breakfast will help reduce the 'sebah' problem in the stomach. Beet leaf is also useful to overcome yellow fever and digestive diseases. Enough once a day.

9. Overcoming dandruff problems

To overcome the stubborn dandruff problem, try boiling the bit with a little natural vinegar (apple cider vinegar). Then smeared and rubbed gently onto the scalp. Leave overnight wrapped in towels. The next day rinse and wash it clean.
10. Natural food dyes

The content of betanin, which produces a brilliant red color is used for natural food dyes, such as ice cream, egg colored Easter, jelly, and so forth.

11. Gradation of burgundy color on hair coloring

If you will color your hair with henna powder, try to select black and then mixed with red root beet juice. As a result, your hair will be black with a burgundy and natural gradation. Be healthier and stay beautiful naturally.

12. Lowering blood pressure, healthy heart, and blood vessels

Experts in the UK and in the United States advise hypertensive patients to drink 500 ml of beet juice daily. It has been shown to actually drink juice from these beetroot lowers hypertension. Nitrate content also found in green leafy vegetables, lowering blood pressure.

 The results of the study by Barts and London School of Medicine and also the Peninsula Medical School suggest for this cheap way to reduce hypertension.

According to Prof. Amrita Ahluwalia from Barts & London School of Medicine, that drinking beetroot juice and other vegetables rich in nitrate will preserve heart health. . Of the experiments show blood pressure decreased within 1 hour after drinking beet juice. Three to four hours after drinking beetroot juice, the decrease persists and can be observed within 24 hours. (BBC News, Feb. 6, 2008).

How? That's 12 Benefits of bits for health that you can get, May be useful. Read also Benefits of Passion Fruits For Health.


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