24 benefits the red and White Dragon fruit for health and beauty

Benefits of Dragon fruit - Dragon fruit is the one fruit that is quite popular lately because of the variety of research conducted against him and showed excellent results. This has turned out to be 100 fruit benefits for health. Before we discuss what are the benefits of Dragon fruit for health. Let's get acquainted with this fruit.

Dragon fruit comes from the area of South and Central America, Mexico but currently much cultivated by some countries in Asia like our country, Taiwan, Viet Nam, the Philippines and Malaysia. Did you know, megnapa fruit is called a dragon fruit? In about the year 1870, the fruit is brought by the people of France French Guyana to Viet Nam as an ornamental plant. By Viet Nam and Chinese fruits considered bringinga blessing.

Therefore, this fruit is always placed between two tails the colored Dragon statue budding top altar table. The red color of the fruit looks striking between the color of the Green Dragons. This is the fruit of the habit among the people of Viet Nam which greatly affected the Chinese culture known as thang loy (Dragon fruit). The term Thang loy then translated in Europe and other countries who speak United Kingdomas dragon fruit (pitaya).

Dragon Fruit Nutrition Content


Why this fruit has wonderful benefits?
There are so many benefits of Dragon fruit for health, because the content of the nutrients contained in it. There are an awful lot of nutrients contained in the Dragon fruit, did you know? in 100 g fruit, there are 11 carbs, 5 g fiber, 0.71 g, 134.5 mg calcium, calories 60 kcal, protein 0 g, 53, 87 mg of phosphorus, iron 0.65 mg, vitamin C 9.4 mg, as well as the content of the water is as much as 90%.


The mineral is very good for the formation of teeth, bones and development. this excellent fruit So consumed by children, teenagers as well as adults. The content of phosphorus and potassium makes this fruit is recommended to be consumed by all people.

Antioxidant Content

In addition to minerals, Dragon fruit also contains antioxidants, as we know, antioxidants are very instrumental to ward off free radicals, premature aging even prevent cancer.

Protein Content

Protein is an essential nutrient required by the body to form hormones, enzymes, and other compounds. Keep the levels of protein in the body by consuming this fruit on a regular basis.

Low fat

Did you know? Small seeds in the fruit turns out to contain unsaturated fats that are good for health because of lower good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. Incredible isn't it?

Source Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is needed by our body. Vitamin C also makes our bodies to avoid various health disorders. Did you know? Dragon fruit are processed into dried contain 10 times more vitamin C. By consuming fruits, then your body's endurance will be increasing.

Source of Vitamin B1 (thiamine)

Consume the fruit makes the body you metabolism faster, this is because the fruit contains Vitamin B1 or thiamine. Its function is to process carbohydrates quickly and produce energy for the body.

Source of Vitamin B3 (niacin)

Vitamin B3 on this fruit was able to lower the cholesterol levels in the blood. This vitamin is also able to make skin look smooth and naturally glowing from within.

Sources Of Vitamin B12

If you are new to recover from illness, then it is advisable to consume the fruit, this fruit can stimulate the appetite both for vitamin B12 contained in it.

Rich In Fiber

Fiber is beneficial to our body, you spared from problems bowel or constipation.

Incredible isn't it? That's some of the content of nutrients in the fruits that you should know. By knowing their subjects, the more diligent you expected more for consumption. Or you can also start to dig around the home. Alright, let's discuss our main topic, namely 24 Dragon fruit benefits for health and beauty, here.

Benefits of Dragon fruit for health and beauty


1. Prevent Cancer

Benefits of Dragon fruit the first is to prevent cancer. The antioxidants contained in the fruit was able to prevent cancer. Do I take 500 grm Dragon fruit, then blended until smooth and drink every day.

2. Maintain heart health

In addition to preventing cancer, the benefits of Dragon fruit is able to maintain heart health. The heart will be more healthy again if accompanied by exercise, Vitamin C, B1, B2, and B3 are contained within the fruit are able to keep our heart health.

3. Preventing Diabetes mellitus

Consuming unhealthy foods and exaggeration could be affected by diabetes mellitus. Therefore, to keep the disease affected other than set up a healthy lifestyle and eating patterns try eating dragon fruit. Because in it there are substances that are effective to reduce sugar levels in the blood.

4. Increase the body's immune

The fruit contains Vitamin C which is very high. Vitamin c can increase the immunity of our body. Dragon fruit is also very good is consumed by children in periods of growth.

5. Caring for skin health

Do I take one Dragon fruit and Peel Peel, puree. Then the Dragon fruit which has been incorporated into the blend glass and take the water with a spoon over the face. Do it regularly every day.

6. Neutralizes Toxins

With eating fruits regularly will be able to neutralize the toxins in the body such as mercury, arsenic, and others, which endanger health.

7. Caring For Eye Health

Carotene contained in fruits beneficial for maintaining eye health.

8. Inhibiting Premature Aging

In addition to apples, fruits are also able to keep the process of premature aging. Because in the fruits contained antioxidants that Act to inhibit premature aging.

9. Strengthen bones and teeth

The content of phosphorous and calcium contained in the fruit can strengthen bones and teeth. consume the Dragon fruit regularly every day.

10. Lower cholesterol levels

Dragon fruit can also help lower the levels of bad cholesterol in our body. The content of vitamin B3 are there in Dragon fruit is believed to be capable of lowering substance kadarkolesterol. Konsumsilah Dragon fruit on a regular basis in order to get the desired results.

11. Appetite Enhancer

If you are one of the less appetite try eating dragon fruit. The content of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 's in Dragon fruit can increase appetite.

12. The Asthma Drug

With eating dragon fruit are routinely and regularly able to treat asthma problems. For in Dragon fruit contained a substance which is capable of lowering the asthma.

13. Red Dragon Nourish Skin

As already mentioned above, this fruit contains antioxidants and vitamin C is very high. Red Dragon fruit are also useful for maintaining healthy skin.

14. Cure Diabetes

Because of the sweetness of red fruits not derived from glucose, then the Red Dragon fruit can also be to help cure diabetes.

15. Improve Stamina

This is already mentioned in Dragon fruit nutritional content.

16. To prevent Osteoporosis

Prevent osteoporosis or bone erosion, due to the Red Dragon fruit contains a lot of calcium organic.

17. the Cure high blood pressure

18. For pregnant women and fetus

As already mentioned above, the Dragon fruit is very good for the growth of teeth and bones. So for pregnant women it is recommended to consume it for the health of the fetus they contain.

19. Lowers cholesterol levels

As already mentioned above, buha contains vitamin B3 that serve to lower cholesterol levels.

20. Cure Cough

Vitamin B3 on this fruit also helps to cure cough.

21. Addressing high blood pressure

Still the vitamin B3, this vitamin can also address the problem of high blood pressure. So you have high blood pressure it is recommended to consume the fruit.

22. Cure Asthma

By consuming the fruit regularly, then you are suffering from asthma will slowly start to disappear, it is also because of the content of vitamin B3 are contained in it.

23. Lose weight

Well, this is good news for those of you who are running the diet program, with Red Dragon fruit juice consuming then it will help you to lose weight naturally.

24. Get rid of acne Naturally

If the last above already mentioned regarding the benefits of Dragon fruit to maintain skin health and beauty, then one of the benefits that you will take is overcome or treat acne naturally. The trick is pretty easy, that is by applying the juice that was made in the face of the breakouts.

How? Very much at all right? It is unfortunate if 24 benefits the red and White Dragon fruit for health and beauty we can get, but don't we take. Let the fruit consumption more often again and regular, healthy living every moment.


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